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Looking for a place to build a web site for your Pack, Troop, Post or Crew. You've come to the right place! This is where you can learn where to get FREE web site space. Just click on any underlined heading to jump to any of their Web sites. SNE does not endorse any of these providers, we only provide these as a resource. We can not be held responsible for the service they do or don't provide you. Therefore, it's your choice who you select and deal with. Do you know of other FREE web space providers that we can list here? Then Please, sign our Guest Book to tell us about them. Thank You.

    This is who Scouts NewEngland has used for our Scouting web site since 1997 and we've been VERY HAPPY with their FREE Service. They offer 20 Megs of FREE Web Site Space, Short URLs, FTP uploading, CGI-bin, a JavaScript Library, a clip art library, and a Browser based Web Page Editor and File Manger. If you like the way our web site works why not make your Scouting web site here at Tripod too!

    They offer 50 Megabytes Free Web Space, FREE Web Based E-mail Account, Easy Page-Building Tools, Web management tools, from FTP to a Web-based file manager, FTP Access, Guestbooks, Counters, Form E-mailers, Help Pages and Tutorials.

    Offers 30 Megs of FREE Web Site Space, FTP uploading, choice of either top page banner or pop-up ads, a web page counter, and a JavaScript Library.

  • 50 MEGS
    Offers 50 Megs of FREE Web Site Space, a Guest Book, a Web Board, File Manager, Form Mailer, a Site Builder and they place a banner on the top of your web pages.

    Offers 50 Megs of FREE Web Site Space, Unlimited E-mail Addresses, FTP uploading, No file size limits, Ready to use CGI scripts, Web Based File Manager, Unlimited Hits / Bandwidth, Hit Stats and they place a banner on your web pages.

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