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The Scouts NewEngland Network
International Scouting E-mail List Group Registration

We were established in 1997.

We have members in 81 COUNTRIES and ALL 50 STATES in America.

We have a 'Members Only' online message archive with over 13,699 messages.

We would like to cordially invite you to join one of the Worlds Largest and Best International Scouting News, Information and Discussion E-mail List Groups called the "Scouts NewEngland Network" (SNE_NET). Our primary goal is to provide a World Wide Scouting Information Network.

We are a great resource for every level of Scout Leadership that will help improve your Scouting program. Through us you can compare notes, discuss problems and find answers all your Scouting questions. You will learn about the latest Scouting News (stories published by the News Media), leader training programs, special events, ceremonies, games, skits, songs, recipes, tips, new ideas and all kinds of other useful Scouting information. You will also will hear about the latest web sites with good Scouting related material and you will learn how to really enjoy Cyber-Scouting on the World Wide Web. Plus you'll make new Scouting friends and contacts all over the world.

Our E-mail List Group offers you three E-mail delivery options: You can receive Individual E-mail Messages or a Daily Digest (all that days messages in one E-mail message) or receive No E-mail at all (and read all of our messages on our "Members Only" web site). You can change your membership options anytime you wish, it's that simple. We also have an Online, keyword searchable, members only message archive that you can read or use for research. So join us today and learn what you've been missing on our Scouting Information Highway.

We look forward to welcoming you to our group and please be sure to tell all your Scouting friends about us too.

To become a member of our list group please send us the following information:

Your E-mail Address
Your First Name
Your Last Name
Your Registered Scouting Position
Your Scout Unit Type, Unit Number, City, and State
Your Scout Council Name, City and State
Your Country if you are not from the USA

The information you supply will be kept private and not displayed on the Internet.

Click HERE to send your registration information.

In your message SUBJECT please place the text JOIN SNE_NET .

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