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Cub Scout, Webelos and Boy Scout
Monthly Program Themes

These are the monthly program themes for our different Scouting program areas as suggested by Boy Scouts of America. We will be discussing these on our "Scouts NewEngland Network" (SNE_NET), which is our own Scout Leaders E-mail Group each month. So be sure to join us to get more great program ideas and to learn up-to-date regional news and information. Click HERE to join our E-mail group.

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Cub Scout Monthly Themes

Webelos Monthly Themes

Boy Scout Monthly Themes

Cub Scout Monthly Themes

Program MonthSuggested Theme
April 2006Our Feathered Friends
May 2006Digging in the Dirt
June 2006Invent a Reason to Celebrate
July 2006Red, White, and Blue
August 2006Scouting It Out
September 2006Zoo Adventures
October 2006Cub Scout Shipbuilders
November 2006Cubs in Shining Armor
December 2006Cub Scout Stars
January 2007Poles Apart
February 2007Aloha Cub Scouts
March 2007BALOO Skies
April 2007Cub Cafe
May 2007Cubs and Bugs Galore
May 2007Wheel into Summer
July 2007/TD>Rockets' Red Glare
August 2007/TD>A Century of Scouting

Cub Scout Leader Publication
See the annual edition of "Cub Scout Program Helps" (a BSA publication) that contains the entire year's program helps for Cub Scouting. You can get a copy of it from your local Scout Shop or by mail-order directly from BSA. Click HERE for a list of BSA suppliers in New England.

Webelos Monthly Themes

Program MonthSuggested Activity Badges
April 2006Sportsman, Family Member
May 2006Outdoorsman, Handyman
June 2006Traveler, Artist
July 2006Aquanaut, Geologist
August 2006Naturalist, Forester
September 2006Communicator, Citizen
October 2006Showman, Citizen
November 2006Craftsman, Readyman
December 2006Craftsman, Scientist
January 2007Fitness, Scientist
February 2007Scholar, Engineer
March 2007Artist and Athlete, Engineer
April 2007Sportsman, Family Member
May 2007Outdoorsman, Artist
June 2007Traveler, Handyman
July 2007Aquanaut, Geologist
August 2007Naturalist, Forester

Webelos Leader Publication
See the NEW "Webelos Leader Guide" (BSA Publication No. 33853C) which is a publication that includes most of the information a Webelos leader needs for meeting preparation. It contains information formerly provided in the "Webelos Den Activities", the "Webelos Planning Guide", and the "Webelos Scout Program Helps" publications. You can get a copy of it from your local Scout Shop or by mail-order directly from BSA. Click HERE for a list of BSA suppliers in New England.

Boy Scout Monthly Themes

Program MonthSuggested Theme Will Be Covered In This
Issue Of "Scouting" Magazine
May 2006CampingMarch-April 2006
June 2006Emergency PreparednessMarch-April 2006
July 2006Health CareMarch-April 2006
August 2006Boating/CanoeingMarch-April 2006
September 2006SafetyMay-June 2006
October 2006NatureMay-June 2006
November 2006BusinessSeptember 2006
December 2006First AidSeptember 2006
January 2007Winter CampingNov-Dec 2006
February 2007CitizenshipNov-Dec 2006
March 2007Physical FitnessJan-Feb 2007
April 2007ForestryJan-Feb 2007
May 2007LeadershipMarch-April 2007
June 2007Special CookingMarch-April 2007
July 2007BackpackingMarch-April 2007
August 2007AquaticsMarch-April 2007

Boy Scout Leader Publications
The monthly themes for merit badges are covered in two BSA magazines and a three volume book set. See "Boys' Life" magazine (for Scouts) and "Scouting" magazine (for Scout Leaders). You can subscribe to these magazines from BSA. A year's worth of monthly program ideas, including meeting outlines and a schedule for a suggested monthly outings and activities can be found in the three volume book set called "Troop Program Features" (BSA Publication Numbers 33110, 33111, and 33112). (NOTE: This three volume set replaces the old BSA publication called "Woods Wisdom".) You can buy these books from your local Scout Shop or by mail-order directly from BSA. Click HERE for a list of BSA suppliers in New England.

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