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Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations
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Team - the name of a chartered unit within the BSA Varsity Scout program.

Tenderfoot - the first rank and badge earned by a Boy Scout in the BSA.

Tiger Cub Scout - BSA Program for first grade boys in Cub Scouts.

Totem - An emblem or design designating the name of a Boy Scout Patrol, Cub Scout Den or a person. This term was borrowed from the Native Americans (Indians) who used it for a lodge, clad or a person within a tribe.

Unit - any individual charter group within the BSA program such as a Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, Varsity Team, Venturing Crew, etc.

Unit Commissioner - A BSA volunteer leader (21 years old or older) that interfaces between a unit and the Boy Scout Council. Their job is to help units run smoothly.

Varsity Team - as used by in-troop programs is no longer valid. This function has now been taken over by the Venture Patrol.

Venture Scout - is not valid for any program of the BSA. Members of a Venture Patrol are "Boy Scouts". Members of a Venturing Crew are "Venturers".

Venture Patrol - is a patrol of Boy Scouts within a Boy Scout Troop.

Venturing Crew - BSA program for youth (either young men and/or women, that are age 14 up to their 21st birthday) and their adult leaders in this BSA program. Youth members are called Venturers or Sea Scouts. (Sea Scouts are now part of the BSA Venturing program.)

Venturer - a member of a BSA Venturing Crew.

VLBT - Venturing Leader Basic Training, this is the OLD name for the adult leader training for Venturing. It has been renamed Venturing Leader Specific Training (VLST), with a training syllabus of BSA #33491D.

VLSC - Venturing Leadership Skills Course and is a BSA National course delivered to ALL Venturing Crews members (youth and adult).

VLST - abreviation for Venturing Leader Specific Training, this is the name of the New 2003 BSA training course for adult leaders.

Webelos - BSA program for 4th and 5th grade boys who work on earning their Webelos Badge and the Arrow of Light. Webelos stands for We'll Be LOyal Scouts.

Webelos Den - a group of Webelos boys and their leader within a Cub Scout Pack.

West, James E. (1876-1948) - He was the first BSA Chief Scout Executive, who first took the job on a temporary basis but held this position for 32 years. He was orphaned at age six and crippled at age seven while in the orphanage. He worked his way through law school and became a crusading attorney for the rights of children. He is credited with building BSA from a struggling organization into a household name.

WL - abreviation for a Webelos Leader, (a male or female volunteer, 21 years old or older) that leads a Webelos Den.

Wolf - BSA Cub Scout program for 2nd grade school boys that work on earning their Wolf Badge. This badge has a wolf head on it. A group of these Cub Scouts is called a Wolf Den.

Wood Badge - written as two words (not one, Woodbadge, as it is often mistakenly done by new people tot he Scouting program). This is an advanced adult leader training course for both Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders. This is not just a BSA training program, but one that is taught by many Scouting organizations world wide. Lord Baden-Powell started Wood Badge training at the now famous Gilwell Park in London, England. A leader who completes this training program has special "Wood Badge Regalia" which consists of an insignia of a Axe stuck in a Log, a pair of wooden beads on a leather thong that is worn around the neck, a tan neckerchief (or scarf) with a square of Tartan sewn on the back of it and a leather turks head woven knot neckerchief slide (also known as a woggle).

Woggle - a turks head woven knot worn by a Wood Badger or another name for a neckerchief (or scarf) slide.

World Friendship Fund - Cash contributions are distributed by the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and the International Division of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to assist Scouting through the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), and through national Scout associations in developing countries.

World Jamboree - An international camping event for Scouts that takes place every four years in a different country. Lord Baden-Powell held the first World Jamboree in Olympia, London, England in 1920.

WOSM - World Organization of the Scout Movement. There are 154 Scouting and Guiding (girl) associations world wide that are part of WOSM. Their head office address is Box 241, 1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland. Tel: (+41 22) 705 1010 FAX: (+41 22) 705 1020 Their E-mail is: worldbureau@world.scout.org Click HERE for their web site.

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