Our Web Site's
Awards of Honor

Scouts NewEngland is very honored to have receieved all the awards shown below.

June 2002

Presented by
The International Association of
Web Masters and Designers

December 2001

Outstanding Creation Award 2001

October 1999


October 1999

Awarded To
Scouts NewEngland
The Mighty Buckmaester

September 1999

July 1999

This month we recieved a FREE Premium Membership from Tripod (our Web Space Provider)
as a reward for our web site's look, our content, and the amount of traffic it has been generating.
Here's our Award Graphic for it:


Thank You Tripod!!!

July 1999

July 1999

July 1999
Award for Quality and Content.

July 1999
Award for Web Design.

July 1999
Award of Excellence for Resource.

August 1998
"Best of the Scouting Pods"

of POD

September 1998
The Scouting Web Award of Excellence

Scouting Web Award of Excellence

September 1998
The Baden-Powell Award of Excellence on the Web

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