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Outdoor Product Polls

The purpose of this web page is to help Scout Leaders with outdoor product information. These are a continous running polls taken from Boy Scout Leaders on their prefered products, ones they have personally used in the field and recommend. If you'd like to have your input added here, then sign our Guest Book and tell us what you like too. We'll be adding to this page as more polls are taken and data is received.


What is your prefered sleeping pad for campouts?

And what Manufacturer (Brand Name) do you prefer?


Therm-a-RestSelf-Inflating Pad15
ColemanSelf-Inflating Pad2
Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS)Self-Inflating Pad1
KeltySelf-Inflating Pad2
Alp SportSelf-Inflating Pad1
SearsSelf-Inflating Pad1
Cascade DesignsZ-Rest - Closed Cell Foam Pad2
VolarafoamClosed Cell Foam Pad1
No NameEnsolite - Closed Cell Foam Pad1
No NameClosed Cell Foam Pad2
No NameEgg Crate - Open Cell Foam Pad3
No NameOld Blankets & Quilts for Padding1
ColemanAir Matress1
US ArmyAir Matress1

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