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Looking for a NEW E-mail address? You've come to the right place! This is where you can learn where to get E-mail FREE. You can create your own unique E-mail address name too. You can use any name you want for your address, you're not stuck with just using your first or last name. Just click on any underlined heading to jump to any of their Web sites. SNE does not endorse any of these providers, we only provide them as a resource. We can not be held responsible for the service they do or don't provide you. Therefore, it's your choice who you select and deal with.

  • Yahoo Mail
    A web-based e-mail with built in Norton Anti-virus, an anti-spam E-mail filter called SpamGuard and it gives you UNLIMITED FREE online storage. Our first choice that has been used to run the SNE_NET since 1997.

  • Gmail
    Owned by Google, provides free web-based E-mail with 10 GB online storage.

  • Windows Live Hotmail
    Owned by Microsoft, provides free web-based E-mail.

  • Inbox.com
    Gives you 5 GB of FREE online E-mail storage

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